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Within the heart of a South African pioneer, farmer, corporate leader, and family man, the embers of stewardship were kindled by love and experience.

The flame grew into a passionate furnace from where the Schütte Legacy Group of Companies was established. Law, Agriculture, Logistics, Wellness, Management and Hospitality….

The Schutte Legacy group of companies are proud to present the Kilima Collection Experience the best of South African Tourism Destinations: Luxury Bushveld Safari, Opulent Winelands and art, Beach, adventure and food journeys.

Sareta Schütte & Frans Schütte

Owners of The Kilima Collection

Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa

Kilima Franschhoek

Kilima Garden Route

Adventure Awaits

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with The Kilima Collection: Your Gateway to Luxurious South African Adventures!

The Kilima Collection Package

We offer South Africa’s best in luxurious, exciting, and inclusive packages. Expect to be amazed by wondrous sights and scenic tours, close encounter wildlife journeys, safe and opulent accommodations, and fun, informative adventures while experiencing South Africa’s friendly hospitality, great food, and unforgettable diverse culture immersion.

The Sauvignon to Safari Gastronomy Package

Experience unmatched luxury, thrills, and culture with Kilima Collection: your gateway to South Africa’s finest adventures! Discover stunning landscapes, close wildlife encounters, opulent accommodations, and more, while immerse yourself in the warmth of South African hospitality and rich cultural experiences.

The African Wellness Package

Embark on a soul-reviving wellness journey with Kilima Collection: your gateway to South Africa’s ultimate wellness adventures! Discover serene landscapes, engage in close wildlife encounters, rejuvenate in opulent accommodations, and more, while nourishing your mind, body, and spirit with South African hospitality and rich wellness offerings

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